How it all started?

Nidhi Jain CPA, being one of the most recognized and sought after CPA firm in the bay area, made Nidhi an extremely busy CPA during the tax season. Although the firm was on a home-grown efficient technology platform, it was far away from the needs and requirements of Nidhi, a tech-savvy CPA. She wanted to only focus on her client’s financial well-being leaving the rest of the tracking and practice management to the platform, but in vain. Having a varied experience, she realized that there is no platform available in the market that would solve her problems and meet her needs.

She threw a challenge to her son, Divyansh, if he can help her achieve a dual mandate of a robust growth and maintain work-life balance, at the same time. Being an accomplished programmer and a problem solver, he took up the challenge chin-up and built a complete working product within a record time of 6 months satisfying and far exceeding the requirements of a very demanding CPA. His design was so adaptive, that the mother-son duo wanted to “productize” the platform and help ease the life of all practising CPA. It gave birth to a product conceptualized by a CPA for the CPAs. The rest, as they say, is history.